Bringing back the Oakville-New Boston ferry

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House approves funding for ferry study
WAPELLO, Iowa - Forrest Bartenhagen says he was "tickled to death" when he learned funding for a study to consider reestablishing ferry service between Oakville and New Boston, Ill., was approved Tuesday in the Iowa House of Representatives. The ferr...
Apr. 28, 2005

Part of the Solution
Editor's Note: Every Monday, the Muscatine Journal will feature a local newsmaker who responds to questions provided by one of our reporters. Pat Murphy of Wapello owns, along with his wife, Gladys, the Hotel Wapello and the Roy El Motel. He also wor...
Nov. 8, 2004

Study of ferry service is positive
MUSCATINE, Iowa - A proposal to re-establish ferry service on the Mississippi River between Mercer County, Ill., and Louisa County, Iowa, is feasible, according to a nearly year-long study. About 30 people attended a public meeting Monday in Muscatin...
Nov. 18, 2003

Feasibility study will determine if area ferryboat plan will sink or swim
NEW BOSTON, Ill. - A feasibility study is under way to determine if an Illinois-Iowa Regional Ferry Service linking Mercer County with Louisa County, Iowa, is a sound proposal. Tom Dunbar of Dunbar Jones PLC in Des Moines and Dan Miller, a civil engi...
Jan. 17, 2003

Ferry feasibility study floats
WAPELLO, Iowa - A federal grant has been approved for a feasibility study to determine if a ferry across the Mississippi River could be profitable. Forrest Bartenhagen, a Louisa County supervisor, made the announcement to a visiting Wapello High Scho...
Oct. 16, 2002

Counties commit to ferry study
MUSCATINE, Iowa - It looks like two county governments are ready to put up some cash for a comprehensive feasibility study on a proposed ferry service between Oakville and New Boston, Ill. Studies on safety, recreational, economic, cultural resource ...
Apr. 17, 2001

Ferry proposal
WAPELLO, Iowa - There was no opposition Saturday to plans for reviving a ferry operation across the Mississippi River between Oakville and New Boston, Ill. Concerns were raised about a proposed docking site at Toolesboro when about 60 interested pers...
Mar. 19, 2001


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